Helping You have a happier Family LIfe

If you're fed up of muddling through with a nagging sense that family life could be so much more these programmes are for you.  Taking time to explore and work out what makes a happier life for you and your family how to practically move towards this is a valuable investment. 


There is no one size fits all and for many clients a more bespoke programme of support enables them to explore, reflect and find ways forward suited to their unique situation and family. 


Whether it's you and an individual, a couple, or working as the whole family there are options available.  (Please note that due to Covid development of the family programme has been put on hold)


The Optimum Parent programme is designed to help you move from self doubt to confidence and clarity so you feel much more equipped to face the challenges of parenting and family life and enjoy your family more.


The Optimum Family Programme are sessions designed to help rebuild a sense of team, discover your shared values, goals and how you can work towards them to help family life be more fun, connected and enjoyable for the whole family.