Jess' story


Jess is the mum of 2 children aged 7 and 11.  She loves spending time with them and being their mum is something she treasures more than anything else.

However both of her children need lots of extra support.   One child is autistic and one has no specific diagnosis at present.  The realities of the task she faces in supporting them through everyday life is immense.  Their needs bring extra challenges to both school and home life on a daily basis.  Seemingly small things can cause a major meltdown.  Simple things which others take for granted – meals out, playdates and trips away have to be carefully managed.  Some of the common battles of family life over school and homework can all too easily become epic

Jess often finds herself feeling exhausted and overwhelmed.  She has done many courses and learned lots about way her children are wired and what may help them, but the realities of putting this in to practice on a daily basis are easier said than done.  Often her own needs can end up neglected and when others misunderstand her parenting choices self-doubt can take over leaving her confidence battered.

When Jess first came to coaching she wasn’t convinced it would be beneficial, but encouraged by a friend she gave it a go.  It was the start of a long term coaching relationship. 

Jess found her sessions give her space to think clearly and use all the knowledge and training coupled with her wealth of understanding of her children to work out what will practically help her family.  Whether it’s taking a specific action to support her child, prioritising her own wellbeing and energy levels or a whole range of other areas which impact family life coaching allows her to think things through, recognise areas which are working well and take practical steps to improve other areas.  For her, the support which coaching offers benefits both her mental health and her family.

Whilst the challenges of her children’s needs remain – Jess can face them with support and confidence knowing that she is making the best use of her energy and skills to support her family and enjoy the crazy messy journey that is family life.


If, like Jess, your child needs lots of extra support and you would like to explore how to navigate the challenges of this so you can enjoy family life more I can help.