1:1 & COuples SESSIONS

When the challenges in family life are high it’s all too easy to find self doubt  and exhaustion has taken over and the joy of family life is a distant memory.

Whether it’s constant conflict, the relentless needs of your child, concerns about how to get your child to do what is necessary, or an ongoing sense that something is missing.  It’s easy to end up not really not enjoying this whole parenting lark and hard to know where to get help.   

This is where 1:1 or couples coaching can make a huge difference.

Working together we’ll look at what you really want  family life to be like, what’s going on for you and your family and how to find ways to navigate the challenges in a way which is aligned to your values, circumstances and the different personalities within your family.

Reading book on how to improve communication with your child
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Helping child with challenge

How does it work?

We start with a 30 minute chat to work out what you're looking for, discuss how we can work together and to ensure this is the best fit for you. From there you can book your first coaching session.


Sessions typically last 90 mins and booked as a package of 6 spread over a few months.   

There are other options available including  one off intensive or for clients working on a 1:1 a package of 60 minute sessions may be a better fit.  Again this is tailored to suit your needs.



2022 Prices:

6 x 90 minute sessions via zoom or telephone                                 £750

This package is offered both on a 1:1 or for couples 


One off intensive 90 minute session                                                  £125

4x 90 min sessions                                                                               £500

6 x60 min sessions (only for 1:1 work)                                                £500

4 x 60 mins sessions (only for 1:1 work)                                             £335