Helping Your Child when Their emotions feel overwhelming 

Do you feel your stomach clench and your mouth go dry when you see your child start to wobble?

And you know that at any moment it could all go 0-60 and then there’ll be shouting and anger and tears and  it’ll all get very messy.

Followed by the guilt and that weight of feeling like you’ve somehow failed your child.

Big emotions can feel pretty overwhelming and when you don’t feel confident about how to handle them you can end up living in dread of what they bring to family life and walking on eggshells.


And when you start googling what to do that’s just overwhelming too. Where do you start? And why does it make you feel even more guilty?


What if I told you it is possible to equip yourself to be able to positively support your child and to navigate those moments confidently.

Imagine looking back on those difficult moments knowing it was hard, but you handled it calmly and positively and instead of feeling like your bond with your child has taken another battering that you worked through the uncomfortable bits and learned and grew together.

If you’re keen to make the shift from messy to manageable  then this webinar is a great stepping stone in that direction.  It’s coaching based so it’s going be helping you to use YOUR expertise on YOUR child to work out ways forward which fit YOUR unique family. 

We’ll use the hour to step back and think about what is going on, where you want to get to, what helps, what doesn’t and to find one practical step forward.   It also includes some time for questions and a handout.

It’s on Tuesday 25th January 12:30-1:30pm and it costs £15.  To book your place complete the sign up below

Please note the session will be recorded and stored in the Parent Pods Library.

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