How I can Help


Sometimes when family life is challenging and your confidence is battered it can be hard to know where to start. 


It might  your child's behaviour, wondering how to deal with the everyday challenges such as screen time, friendships, school issues and homework or the bigger picture of how you feel about your parenting abilities.  Sometimes it's how your family works together or who you are and how you fit your needs into family life. Usually in family life one thing has a ripple effect on everything else and getting to the heart of things can be key.


I work with clients in a holistic way -  both exploring the issues and the individuals needs to help you find a way forward which fits your unique family.  


There are a number of different ways I work with clients - groups, 1:1, couples, families depending on whether you're looking for a nudge in the right direction or more intensive support.    Starting from a 2 hour group workshop via zoom costing £25 to a bespoke programme of 6 x 90 minute sessions costing £750.


I always recommend a chat first as this helps me to really understand what you are looking for and to help you identify what would be most suitable.  It also gives you a sense of how I work and whether I'm the right person for you and your family.





If you're like me you may want a bit more information before you book a chat  - the pathways below give some examples. Follow the links to find out more.


What are you looking for?