Parent Pods

Do you wish you didn't feel so alone as a parent?  That there were others who really understood that feeling of dread you get when you’re faced with a difficult situation with your child.


Who know how hard it is when what you thought family life would be like is so different to the reality.  And who also wonder "if it's like this now what will it be like in a few years time?"   


Who get how tough it is and don't ask "Why dont' you just....? " and then make you feel worse.  

Now imagine...


Belonging to a group of people who get how hard it is, but are also working towards finding ways to make family life a happier experience

Finding hope for the future


Having space to think clearly and find solutions which work for your child and family.


And also time to work on your wellbeing too.


With some laughter and merry moments thrown in the mix





The groups meet for:


  • 3 live group sessions per half term  one focused on your wellbeing, one going deeper on family life and one which is a lighter session to connect with others and give you a lift.


In addition to this you get:

  • 2 webinars per half term – you can join these live or watch back in your own time.  One is a coaching webinar to help you work through a specific topic impacting family life.  The other is an interview with an expert on wider issues such as home, health, career or other elements of wider life which impact you and your family

  • Access to a library of resources on the website

  • A 15% discount off  1:1 coaching sessions


At the heart of this is building a safe space for parents to step back, reflect, recharge and refresh using a coaching approach within a supportive community of parents so you know you’re not alone and have space to explore, tap into your expertise as you work out how to  navigate the ups and downs of family life.


It's run via zoom and the initial commitment is for 4 months starting from a set point - 1st January, 1st May or 1st September.  This means it's the same 15 people in your group for the whole 4 months.   It's an ongoing programme so after 4 months you can sign up for another 4!  The support only ends when you want it to. 


The  price for the first 4 months which is a pilot is £150 which can be spread through monthly payments.  LIve esessions will run 7:30-9:30 pm on a Sunday evening.


Book your place by signing up here OR get in touch to find out more.

How does it work?

Imagine the difference you feeling connected, refreshed, encouraged and more confident would make to your family.  How great would it be to feel like things are actually moving forwards instead of going round in circles.

If this is what you’re looking for then the Optimum Parent & Family Parent Pods are for you.  They’re small groups of up to 15 parents following a coaching programme with a blend of sessions to help with family life. 

Taking a holistic approach live sessions work on a cycle of focusing on your wellbeing, your family and  uplift and encouragement.  There's also regular webinars and journalling resources so you can go deeper on certain topics.