Parent Pods

Do you often feel alone as a parent? 


Do you wish  there were others who really understood?


It's frustrating when you don't know what the right thing is to do or you're not sure how to  best support your child.


You have that familiar feeling of dread you get when you know you've got to face a situation which will overwhelm your child.

 - Change of routine

 - Getting out of the door on time

 - Social events which end up being anything but fun

 - Doing something new or different

 - The thing they need to do for school but it feels too much

You didn't think family life would be this hard.

And you wonder "If it's like this now what will it be like in a few years time?"   

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Now imagine...


Belonging to a small group of parents, meeting online, led by an experienced coach.  People who get how hard it is, but are also seeking positive, doable solutions to everyday challenges.

Finding hope for the future


Having space to think clearly and find solutions which work for your child and family.


And also time to work on your wellbeing too.


With some laughter and merry moments thrown in the mix

"As part of the Parent Pod I can only say wonderful things about how creative, practical, insightful and compassionate they’ve been. I have learnt about how to use my values and beliefs to help create a family that is calmer and kinder. Not always of course, but working with Julie has also helped me how to better deal with the less rosy side of parenting and family life. Thank you Julie" 



How great would it feel if, instead of going round in circles you were moving forward one manageable step at a time?

Optimum Parent & Family Parent Pods offer:

 - Small group support

-  6 live group coaching sessions which cover a blend of wellbeing, family focused and building community. 

 - 2 Guest expert webinars per term

 - 2 Coaching webinars per term

 - Access to a library of webinars and journalling resources

 - 15% discount off 1:1 coaching sessions 

All for £150 for 4 months which works out at a similar monthly cost to your average gym membership.


Parent Pod Programme events which help support parent wellbeing and child behaviour and needs

Affordable, Sustainable coaching & supportive community

Example Programme

How does it work?

At the heart of the Pods is building a safe space for parents to step back, reflect, recharge and refresh. Using a coaching approach which is solution focused within a supportive community of parents you can have support to explore, use your expertise on your family as you navigate the ups and downs of family life.


Membership starts from a set point and sessions are set in line with school terms, because we know school holidays can make it much harder to find space to think.  Payment schedules can be spread over 4 months which works out at £37.50 per month to make sure if can fit in the family budget.


It's an ongoing programme so after 4 months you can sign up for another 4.  The sessions will be a similar structure, but different content!  The support only ends when you want it to. 


Book your place by signing up here OR get in touch to find out more.

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