Dear Exhausted Parent

Right now it’s tough.

Really tough.

Trying to be all things to everyone – constantly winging your way through this crazy time with none of your usual fail safes.

The endless list of daily worries and

the fear about what next.

Feeling like your worst parenting flaws have been laid bare, whilst others appear to be sailing through on their epic adventure.

Unable to stay on top of it all, yet unable to let it go.

It’s overwhelming

And terrifying

And so, so relentless

And the guilt! Oh the guilt! Worse than usual because surely you should be grateful for all you have? Embracing the new possibilities and rising to the challenge. Savouring precious moments with your offspring……. Yet, you wonder how on earth can you be the parent your children need when you feel such a failure right now?



Give those emotions a moment of your time

Breathe again

It’s ok to feel this way

It’s ok to cry, to feel angry, numb, overwhelmed.

You are not defined by your worst moments in this most extreme of times.



Breathe again.

You are not alone.

You are a loving parent finding a tough situation hard going.

You are a frightened parent trying to stay calm for your children.

You are a parent with too much to do in the time you have available.

You are a parent still trying, even when you’re running on empty.

It’s ok to find this tough. It’s ok to let things go. It’s ok to reach out and be vulnerable.

This is not "life as usual" so usual expectations don’t work.

Allow yourself a moment to pause and think. How you can look after you as well as everyone else - just for today? What could you drop for today? What would ease that pressure for you, just for now?

Take it one step. One moment at a time. This may feel endless, but it will pass.

This is an unfamiliar and bumpy road - be kind to yourself.


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