Dear Parent wondering how to thrive in December

Updated: Dec 2, 2019

Please pause……. Breathe…… & breathe again……

This month you may need to do this a lot.

This is a month weighted with expectation and the month where you will probably have the most tears and tantrums (adults and children alike).

In a season that emphasises connection and fun the reality is that as a parent you will probably experience more challenging behaviour and more stretch on your resources than most of the rest of the year. In this time of over excitement , over stimulation, of changes to routine and a stretch on time, money and emotional resources the odds are there will be points when the cracks start to show and Christmas will be a whole heap less than perfect.

Please pause……. Breathe…… & breathe again……

As much as it can be challenging, this season can have it’s own unique beauty and opportunities to connect and make memories, but if you’re striving for perfection then you risk missing out on these.

It’s ok to say no – you cannot do it all. It’s ok for your children to be over excited, not enjoy everything and to play up. It’s ok for you to feel more strung out than normal and you will probably have moments where you do lose your cool – please be kind to yourself.

Sometimes the most beautiful moments are not the matching Christmas jumpers, but the heartfelt apology, the rising above the comment meant to provoke, the taking time to be proud of what your family is rather than beating yourself up for what it isn’t – the moments when we embrace the mess and chaos and find the positive.

Please pause……. Breathe…… & breathe again……

This month will probably be hard work, but if it’s going to be hard work you can choose where to focus that - take note of what you believe is most important at this time of year and work hard to let the rest go.

Have an imperfect, messy, but beautiful month. xx

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