Dear Parent Feeling Judged

Updated: Mar 13, 2020

It sucks.

The moment when you sense eyes are on you and they’re not finding favour.

The sting of feeling so misunderstood.

The sense of falling short.

Of not being good enough.

Here’s a gentle challenge sent with love:

How much is that other person’s judgement the real issue?

If you’re truly honest, how much does the voice of judgement come from within?

Or the pain of misunderstanding feel so raw because it’s touching a vulnerable spot?

An unkind voice inside saying that other people do it so much better?

And however much anyone tells you how great you are, it refuses to sink in?


Mute that voice.

Take a moment to notice.

What is actually being communicated to you - externally and internally?

How much are you focused on the cruel messages beating you down?

How much are the positives being filtered out?



When that unkind voice is on mute what do you hear?

What other voices are desperate for attention?

What does your nurturing, kind side tell you?

Maybe it’s time to give that voice centre stage.

Perhaps then, the judgement of others would have less power.

You cannot control other’s opinions of you – some will love your choices and others won’t –but you can choose who you pay attention to – the voice beating you down or the one lifting you up.

What are you going to listen to today and who will help you to hear it?


Julie works with parents helping to make family life work better. She knows that family life can be a more of a roller coaster than a gentle cruise and whilst all family have seasons where things don’t run smoothly instead of being caught in self doubt and overwhelm with the right support family life can still be a joyful adventure. To arrange a time to talk about how you can work together contact her on 07745 448871 or via

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Photo by Justin Luebke on Unsplash


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