Dear Parent trying to keep all the plates spinning

If it’s all feeling a bit much and the enjoyable moments are getting harder to find


You may have taken on board some false information

Overwhelmed does not = failing

Overwhelmed does not = you don’t love your children or love being with them

Overwhelmed does not = this is how it will always be

Overwhelmed is simply this:

A big feeling telling you there’s a gap between current demand and available resources.

It doesn’t feel very simple though, especially when those lies are whispering to you it’s a sign of something lacking on your part.

Here’s the thing though – raising one or many human beings is not for the faint hearted. All parents feel overwhelmed at times –whether or not they admit it. And just because it’s normal doesn’t mean it should be dismissed.


This uncomfortable feeling is actually of great value. It’s telling you all is not well and it’s time to pause and take stock.

Maybe it’s time to ditch some of those things placing demands on you?

Maybe it’s time to recruit extra resources?

Maybe it’s time to share the burden?

Paying attention might take courage and it will feel uncomfortable, but feeling overwhelmed isn’t so much fun either. It’s hard to stare these things in the face, but so very worth it when the burden is lifted.

So please be kind to yourself. Listen to those feelings. Use them to help you identify how to shift the gap between demand and resources so that you can enjoy as much as possible of the gloriously messy and beautiful experience that is family life.


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