EVERY parent needs ….. someone to listen to them

Updated: May 7, 2018

How often have you found yourself talking to someone else about a problem and before they’ve even said anything, that process of speaking it out has brought some benefit?

To be listened too and experience the empathy of another is a great gift. When we feel heard and understood this can be the most uplifting and empowering experience.

To truly hear someone is to show them that they are of value. Space to reflect with someone else fully listening is often the birthplace of fresh thinking, wisdom and clarity. What parent doesn’t need a regular supply of that?! Yet being listened to like this is can be all too rare to an experience.

Most people are busy – when you have a growing family the opportunity to even see friends and family can be difficult let alone have their undivided attention. If you have young children then any form of uninterrupted conversation is a true rarity. Creating the opportunity to listen to others or to be listened to can be easier said than done.

When the opportunity does present how often do tiredness, mobile phones and other distractions and interruptions inhibit this? Yet, when we have that space what difference does it make in terms of our confidence, clarity and our ability to move forward positively, let alone the impact on those around us?

As parents we all encounter challenging times where the best way forward is anything but black and white. In these seasons there’s usually a mass of opinions and advice to sift through, but sometimes what we most need is the right space to think effectively about what is best for our child. A key part of that can be simply being heard. In this wonderful, but challenging journey of parenthood how often does that actually happen? When you find someone who does this for you or you do this for another this truly special.

Reflection: Who do you have who takes time to really listen to you?

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