Lightbulb Moments


If you’ve ever experienced the empowerment, inspiration and hope of a “lightbulb moment” then you’ll also understand the power of great coaching. A coaching session above all else involves deep listening and effective questions that bring about those lightbulb moments that take a client from stuck to motoring forward. As coaches we join our clients for a phase of their journey and we invest in it. We engage and deeply value our client’s abilities, agenda and desire to achieve it. As we listen, question and explore with our clients we bring confidence, clarity and most of all actual steps forward, but the thing that is most amazing about this process is that it’s simply by drawing out of the depths of our client’s skill and expertise that this is accomplished. Coaching is truly a partnership process, but when a highly motivated client and coach work together and the lightbulb moments start happening then brace yourself!

💡In what area could you do with a “lightbulb moment” right now?💡

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