Supporting Your Child Through Transitions - Part 1

Updated: Feb 25

As the return to school looms and children face another significant change the odds are they may feel a bit wobbly about it all. You may see this in their behaviour and conversation. Whilst it may be a challenging time there is lots you can do to support them. This reflection sheet is to help you consider how.

As I emphasize in all my work – you are the expert on your children. What is right for my children may be different to yours so this reflection sheet is not a how to, but a how you can draw on that expertise to work out the best how to for your unique family shape and circumstances.

There were so many questions I could have included so if you find yourself at the end of this wanting more then you’re not alone! There’s a part 2 which explores your needs too. If, you could do with some support to think things through further I can help. Email me to book a chat at:

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