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The Best Day Out You Never Knew You Had

For those times you wonder if the effort of a day out is worth it...

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Once upon a time we took one of our teenagers (and friend) on holiday. We were based on a brilliant site about 40 mins outside Amsterdam - it's got a swimming pool with amazing slides and a theme park on site as well as a whole heap of other activities.

We spent the bulk of the week on the site or visiting one of the local beaches. It was great - totally teenage friendly. As we were so close to Amsterdam I wanted to grab the opportunity to spend a couple of hours visiting the Anne Frank house. We booked tickets in advance to avoid the queues and in the spread of a whole week away I felt that a couple of hours on an activity I REALLY wanted to do wasn't unfair.......... Ok, so it was raining on the day we went, but the tickets were pre booked so we had to go that day. I appreciate it isn't as exciting as waterslides, but boy was that teenager grumpy!! Like really grumpy. We soldiered on. It was hard work, but I (and they) saw the Anne Frank house and then the rest of the holiday was predominantly water slides and beach and theme park. Some time later the same teenager was discussing revisiting Amsterdam with their friends. "I know why you want to go to Amsterdam!" I thought to myself. Why would any teenager particularly choose that location? Little did I know. Apparently said teenager was keen to return to Amsterdam and top of the list of places to visit was the Anne Frank House......because it was so good!! REALLY?!?!?!? This was the first I'd heard of it because you definitely couldn't tell he enjoyed Amsterdam itself while we were there. I'm glad he enjoyed it, even if at the time it was hard work (and annoying). I tell you this because I know how hard it can be when you've looked forward to a day out or activity, when you've tried to make it a positive experience, and yet it all feels a bit uphill. I know how you can end up wondering if it was worth the effort. Sometimes the lens through which your children see things now or in the heat of the moment is very different to the way they'll see things in the future. So if over the course of this school holiday you find yourself dragging around a grumpy teen/child you never know.... It might just be the best day you never knew you had! Good luck!

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