What kind of parent has coaching?

Here’s 5 qualities I see in my typical client:

💫 Courageous - Often my clients are very experienced parents who have hit a road bump because life has thrown a curve ball or one of their children doesn’t fit the mould society is trying to squeeze it into or something just isn’t working right now. Rather than sweep it under the carpet or blame their child they stare their challenges in the face.

💫 Proactive – they don’t sit waiting for things to magically get better they are determined to make it happen

💫 Visionary – whilst the rest of the world might make unhelpful assumptions and comments they know their child. They see the possibilities in their child and family life and they are determined to draw out the best.

💫 Tenacious – they work hard, embrace the gloriously messy nature of family life are determined not to miss out on the joys, even if they come at a cost.

💫Child focused – admitting family life isn’t smooth can be difficult, but I consistently see clients who cast aside their own discomfort because offering their child the best possible experience of family life is their mission.

Who wouldn’t want to work with people like this?

Can you see why I love my job?

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