What to do when you don't know what to do

The last few days I’ve been watching the news with a roller coaster of emotions. I know for me all the current uncertainty in the world can all too easily trigger a spiral of all sorts of worries. Much of my concerns are over things that I have no control and to which no one has answers.

So in those moments I am asking myself the following four questions. I’m sharing them here because if they’re helpful for me then maybe they’re helpful for you too.

Many things in life happen where we don’t have a choice about it happening, but we do have some choice about what we do and how we get through it. Most importantly we can make some choices about how we help our children navigate these times.

1. What is most important right now?

What are the most important things you need to deal with – that might be in the next week, the next day or perhaps just for the next hour? If business as usual isn't an option (or isn't the right option) being clear about what really matters is crucial to knowing where to focus and how to avoid overwhelm.

2. What needs to happen to make sure this stays the priority?

This may be the tough one. When the chips are down what really matters? What are you going to let go of? What do I need to do instead? What do you need to do to keep yourself in the right head space?

3. Who is your sounding board and where are your safe spaces to share your worries and concerns?

On Thursday I went and talked to my dad because he’s a far more measured voice than my social media feed which to be honest is pretty emotive at the moment. I felt so much better and clearer afterwards. We may all have to make difficult decisions in the coming days and weeks - I want mine to be wise and considered.

4. Where are the opportunities to contribute positively?

Sharing fear mongering articles doesn’t help anyone. Neither does shaming those who are handling it in ways in which you disagree. Offering help to your neighbour might. Staying calm for your children and using any time they have away from school to connect and reassure them may help them to learn and grow through difficult times.

We have an opportunity to make a positive contribution to society and history, each in our own small way. How are you going to make yours?

This is one of mine: Talking may not change the circumstances, but it can help how we feel about them. I offer free 30 minute initial sessions – if you’d like to take advantage of that and have 30 minutes of someone to listen and help you focus please do. I may not have any of the answers, but I know how powerful listening is. If a supportive ear would be valuable then follow the link to book a time to talk:

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