How much of a battle do you have getting your child to do chores or take responsibility?


How often do you find yourself feeling resentful as your child or teen embraces more freedom, but still leaves you with all the responsibility?


Many children and teens happily embrace the times we offer more freedom – more pocket money, later bedtimes, a mobile phone, but are less enthused by additional responsibility like helping around the house or getting organised for school and things they’re less keen to do.


This can be incredible frustrating as a parent when you want to offer more freedom, yet you also want your child to understand the responsibilities which comes with growing up and ultimately becoming more independent.

This tool is to help you have conversations with your child about the balance between freedom and responsibility – there are both questions and visual resources to enable you to explore what this balance looks like for you and how you can take positive steps forward which you agree together.  It has a mixture of prompts and ideas and space to add your own.  It can be used in parts or as a whole according to your needs and adapted for different ages.


If you’re looking at how you can encourage your child to consider how freedom and responsibility come hand in hand and give them a voice in the process of exploring what this looks like then this tool can be used to help you do that.



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Freedom & Responsibilities

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