"I've got tummy ache."

"I feel sick."


How often is tummy ache or sickness a sign something is off for your child (or yourself)? Whether it's physical or emotional our tummies tell us a lot.


The question is what can you do when you're not sure what it's telling you and your child finds it difficult to express themselves and maybe doesn't really know either?


These cards are to help you explore with your child.  You can print this document, cut them out and then sort out the messages.  You can use a few or a whole selection (depending on the age of your child) even add your own.


Whilst the instructions are written for a younger audience (primary aged children) the cards could also be used with some older children.


Often just beginning to notice and articulate what is going on and what a tummy is saying can make a huge difference.  


What are the tummies in your family saying today?


(These can also be used for headaches and other similar ailments!)


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My Tummy Hurts - helping you hear the message your tummy ache is giving you.

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