How do we help our children have positive relationships online and in the real world?  How do we teach them who they can trust and when to be careful?  How do we even know?


Friendships and relationships can feel like a minefield for parents and there are no easy answers, but good communication and awareness can make a huge difference.   This resource was designed to use with teenagers who are faced with the dilemma of working out who they can trust and what might help the work that out.  It encourages them to consider different levels of trust, what they find vulnerable to share and how they can evaluate how trustworthy someone could be vs how likeable.


It could be used to generate conversation between a parent and child or for a young person to use to journal and reflect.  There are different parts which can be selected and it can be adapted for tweens and younger children.


If you're looking for a tool help your child think about trust, relationships and friendship this provides some helpful prompts and visual approaches.



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Trust, Friendships and Relationships

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    Length: 5 pages