Thinking Space  -
The Programme

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Do you constantly doubt the decisions you make as a parent?


Do you find yourself overwhelmed with the mental load of family life?

Would like family life to be a happier, calmer and more connected experience, but you don't know where to start.


Juggling the different needs of family life can be immense at the best of times.  The mental load can be enormous, especially if life throws additional curve balls or your child finds everyday expectations challenging.  All too easily self-doubt can creep in and before you know it family life is a constant source of worry and stress rather than joy and fun.

When your head is full and you’re feeling  exhausted it can be difficult to see the wood for the trees and to work out how to balance all the different needs – to know how to best support your child, care for your own wellbeing and do everything else.

The Thinking Space programme is designed to help with all that.  It gives you a structured and supported space to think  - to tap into your knowledge and expertise on your family so that you:

  • Make confident choices which fit you and your family

  • Feel able to say yes to what’s right for you and ditch what isn’t

  • Make sure every family member’s need get attention (including your own!)

  • Work out what you can practically do to best help and support your child or children

  • Have a happier, calmer and more connected family life

​​​The programme is comprised of:

6 x 2 hour group coaching sessions in a small group run via zoom

2 x 30 minute 1:1s at the beginning and end of the programme

Email support is also available between sessions.  


Cost:  £250


Payment plans available.

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"Thank you for giving us space to be real, honest and open with each other. It has been incredibly helpful and beneficial"

Thinking Space programme participant